Project “Fruits”

This photography project is about the girls, make-up and fruits. In contribution with two fabulous make-up artists Erika and Kristina (website) this was the third session we had done so far. The aim of this project is to reveal the girls beauty using fruits (or berries) as an inspiration.

Looking for models, meeting new girls, getting ready for the shoot and the shoot itself – all the stages gives so much fun and experience which inspires for the future projects.

“Blueberry” and “Apple” session result



Product photography is a really interesting type of image making. It needs not just the good looking image – it should sell the product.

I had a brief to make one of the Seconda watches advertising image. The golden, sparkly watch was the real challenge for me. The aim was to find some captivating background, however, it should not compete with the watch itself.

After a number of attempts with different backgrounds, I have tried Christmas lights with shallow depth of field. The result was ok, I did like the sparkling lights behind the watch, but it was too uncontrolled and not attractive.



Therefore, I came up with the different idea – I had created sparkling lights with silver foil which gave me the bokeh background.

A3 03

Here is how the studio looked like – as simple as that.


I loved the result, however, still wanted something more. I had shaped the bokeh lights with the hood for the lens I have created myself. It had the star shape in the middle.

Here is my final result.

Giedre Ciulkeviciene -Seconda

Family documentary photography

I have been working on the family documentary photography project for my course. This project is about family documentary photography. It is about people daily life, something they are doing or love to do every day. My aim was to capture natural movement and real emotions, trying to avoid strict planning and staging.

I have chosen the family documentary photography for my final course project because it was something I haven’t tried before and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to experience. Also, I love family life with all its imperfections, emotions waving up and down, mess around the house and fun just being together.

In my opinion, the family documentary is essential for life. Photojournalism was always there to show the truth, emit emotion, make one feel love or pain, joy or fear, tell the real story. And this kind of story could be told about every family in the world and each of them would be different, however interesting in their own way.

The time passes so quickly and the everyday fun gets forgotten. Children are growing up so fast, parents and even home are changing through time. Only the documentary photography could save those beautiful times, cherish the emotions one lived with, record the day in the running life.

I really enjoyed myself working on this project and do not want to stop doing it. The beautiful moments stopped in the images are worth spending a couple of hours with the photographer and fill the family album with the real family life, true emotions one lived with. In addition, there is no staging and pre-planning, all is needed – be real you.

Wedding in Autumn

It is a great honour to witness the marriage of two people in love. Also, it is a great responsibility to see everything around, notice the emotions floating in the air, catch the little moments like eye connection, hand holding, secret smile. That is the way I try to capture this event, my aim is to show the vibrations, the magic around those happy people.

I try to listen to people and adapt their personal style to the photographs. This was the reason, I made these images look a little vintage, in blue-yellow colour in postproduction – the bride admitted she loves history and historical buildings. The couple live in a city with the beautiful old town, where we had our photo shoot after the ceremony and they had a dinner with their guests in there afterwards.



Photographing dogs is something similar as children. They are natural and beautiful, however, you never know when they get bored, will they stand still or even stand. It is challenging and worth trying.

These dachshund dogs were not the first pets I photographed anyway they were amazing. I was asked to capture each dog on the white background and make a group shot as well.



I did this photo shoot outside in the garden, used natural available light and portable white background. All dogs were good, however, I had to take a number of frames to catch the position wanted. And off course, there was plenty of editing in postprocessing.

It was a very interesting experience!


Looking for “Pretty-Ugly”

To answer what is “Pretty – Ugly” is really hard. I think it is a subjective thing. The main idea is to find “pretty” and photograph/ show it in “ugly” way or visa verse.

One of the ideas I came up with was to capture the wintry nature and make a beautiful picture of it. In winter plants are dead more or less, it is dry and fade, no colour, no liveliness. The feather I found stuck in it just strengthens the idea.