Product photography is a really interesting type of image making. It needs not just the good looking image – it should sell the product.

I had a brief to make one of the Seconda watches advertising image. The golden, sparkly watch was the real challenge for me. The aim was to find some captivating background, however, it should not compete with the watch itself.

After a number of attempts with different backgrounds, I have tried Christmas lights with shallow depth of field. The result was ok, I did like the sparkling lights behind the watch, but it was too uncontrolled and not attractive.



Therefore, I came up with the different idea – I had created sparkling lights with silver foil which gave me the bokeh background.

A3 03

Here is how the studio looked like – as simple as that.


I loved the result, however, still wanted something more. I had shaped the bokeh lights with the hood for the lens I have created myself. It had the star shape in the middle.

Here is my final result.

Giedre Ciulkeviciene -Seconda


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