Family documentary photography

I have been working on the family documentary photography project for my course. This project is about family documentary photography. It is about people daily life, something they are doing or love to do every day. My aim was to capture natural movement and real emotions, trying to avoid strict planning and staging.

I have chosen the family documentary photography for my final course project because it was something I haven’t tried before and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to experience. Also, I love family life with all its imperfections, emotions waving up and down, mess around the house and fun just being together.

In my opinion, the family documentary is essential for life. Photojournalism was always there to show the truth, emit emotion, make one feel love or pain, joy or fear, tell the real story. And this kind of story could be told about every family in the world and each of them would be different, however interesting in their own way.

The time passes so quickly and the everyday fun gets forgotten. Children are growing up so fast, parents and even home are changing through time. Only the documentary photography could save those beautiful times, cherish the emotions one lived with, record the day in the running life.

I really enjoyed myself working on this project and do not want to stop doing it. The beautiful moments stopped in the images are worth spending a couple of hours with the photographer and fill the family album with the real family life, true emotions one lived with. In addition, there is no staging and pre-planning, all is needed – be real you.


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